Anthropology and visionary who can dive in and out from depths of philosopher mind. Authors curse and blessing is engineering type of autism. Small details are part of whole but there is plenty of great work to perfect mandala. 


Example we have forgot that money is an information network and very useful method of counting. But most of us forget that it supposed to be only a tool and that is the moment when our problems starts. We easily start to think  that money is same as prosperity in the same way as we start to think that menu is same as a dinner. So you see? Central of my goal cannot be the finance if it works like that, but instead make some sense out of what I am doing.  And what I do is who I am but you cannot pin it down. 

Harriniva Oy

I maintained properties of semi large tourist business in Muonio, Harriniva Oy.   I was fixing electricity and all kind of building related problems. E.g Aurora domes , Hotel Jeris and Hotel Harriniva.

Akka Snack and Craft

I was helping my girlfriend to start her business Akka Snack and Craft. We build up awesome and unique restaurant what expressed her life experience. Experiences from our travels. It offered zen moments in its totality with supreme local dishes, smells, sounds atmosphere and art.
You can find out more information how is Akka now.


Rinnetyöntekijänä Oloksella ja Pallaksella kevättalven 2016. 3kk

Tuontatotesteriprojekti UKKO.fi laskutusfirman kautta Etteplanille. Erittäin haastava ja nopea tempoinen testeriprojekti joka onnistui erinomaisesti 4kk.

Moving back to Lapland, building a house in Amazon and doing variety of Jobs.

2012-2013 I lived in Capital of Finland Helsinki. I was developing test-systems at Espotel with many different customers. I liked my job and it was very rewarding, but my self-discipline was not ready for living in Capital. It was very hectic because busy work and so much to do at the spare time. 😉 So I decided to go back to Peru and South America again. This time with my girlfriend.  October 8th of 2013 we flew to Bogota Colombia and stayed 2,5 moths in Iquitos Peru. Begining of 2014 we traveled in central America, Guatemala, Honduras and Mexico and with few nights over stop in Las Vegas we returned to Finland. This time Lapland. May 2014 we were in South east Asia, Thailand, Cambodia and Myanmar and we returned on July 2014.  With full of energy I was happy to get really challenging project from Espotel. First one was really busy project to finish production tester and take it in to usage in Suzhou China. I was also doing R&D test-systems for different project till November and then it was time go back to Peru Amazon. We wanted to be part of Padre Cocha and we builded small house in the heart of amazon. Padre Cocha is like mirror from my born village Muonio so that has been really important place for me and has helped me to understand my own roots from different angle. Now my house is rented there but profits and maintenance has been given to locals. Maybe one day I visit there once again or if you are interested, I will be happy to help you to organize your journey. 🙂
2015 We bought house from Muodoslompolo and moved to near my childhood home. House is cozy but old so lot of work with that for long time… 🙂

Developing automated testing systems and Papua New Guinea

I’ve been developing test systems for many years. At Espotel now days called Etteplan.  Testing automation project have been very interesting and challenging but nowdays I would call my self testing professional. In practical functional production purpose and in testing philosophy. 2012 I had definitely one of most exiting trips to Papua New-Guinea.

Teaching back home in Muonio

I was teaching one year 2010-2011 in my home village Muonio. I was teaching electronics, math, English for vocational school students. It was really good to get of the Engineering circles to remind me that we have very big variety of people in our society in Finland. All unique with often hidden talents. To biggest challenge is to find a way to get best out of people and to help us work together. Most far out game is the game where we imagine that we can do all our self. So galled game of authority but ofcourse we realize if we investigate even little bit that we need each other. 2011 Autumn I went traveling again. Mexico, Kuuba, Costa Rica, Panama, Peru and Colombia. Magic happened in Iquitos Amazon where I learned to say Kiitos. Its Amazing world!

Year of traveling

I graduated as Bachelor of Engineering. My know how was mainly EMC testing and Labview programing. I was gaining knowledge all the time of basic electronics. Anyway I was still wondering what to do and I could not Imagine to continue straight to work and I needed to have a break. So I invested my savings and bought tickets to Africa. In year 2009 I was traveling 10 month. I went by bus from Tanzania Dares Salaam to Cape Town South Africa. From Johannesburg I went to work Australia for a while and after that China (2months), Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Nepal and India  Before heading back home. This journey was must for development of my spirit. Wondering the happenings in Africa without commentator or teacher really reminded me about essential. Reality is what it is and there is no words for it. It is beautiful and words are our tools to play human games with each other. Lets be kind to each other. We are all one big family.

Ammattikoulusta valmistuminen

I gratuated as a electronics



That was the day when I took my first breath! Oh oxygen I enjoyed. 🙂