Motivaatio = Desire

I have desire to work on my field again. I would like to do LabVIEW programing. There is some strange desire to dive in to depths of Labview and NI products and with this desire to “play” Labview might make me master of it. Testing and EMC is also close to my hard and I would like to learn more of electronic design. I would like to work on project or do research. Benefits of project working is that goal is clear and right kind of pressure makes you transcend yourself all the time. On the edge, background in comfort of accumulated knowledge by experience but other leg is trusting the unknown future.

So what is holding me back? Now I am telling what I desire. Of course that is not a final statement but I feel like that could be my direction to become expert of technology in some field.

What is my standing point now?

I have my work experience, but I also have wisdom brought by age. I also have long break and my career haven’t never been very consistently flowing, but I have been active in my life in general. Every time and every job I performed well and I got been given positive feedback. My personal opinion is that my social skills aren’t very good. Others may not say that but that is how I feel deep inside my skin.

My dream would be to have following kind of job. I could travel on go anywhere what work requires two weeks of month and then rest of the time I could be my home in Lapland. Maybe I could also work remotely from home. Of course, this is just ideal situation and I could be dynamic in the way what situation requires. This is it! but of course this is problem to make it possible financially, but I am sure that if me and my job is really part of the same team, there is lot of valuable things that can be brought out of this. So this is what I desire. Of course my most profound knowledge have been gained through traveling in different culture but this can be my Jang side what I keep as a hobby. Now I am looking for job with clear goals and the job what understand that starting point is always now.